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Nerja to the mountains

driving the monster

sunny 30 °C

So having recovered from the immense hangover resulting from the beach festival, we all managed to crawl out for a pick nic having been warned (or informed depending on how you look at it) about the local nudist beach we grabbed the next closest spot in a beautiful cove just up the road from Nerja.

The beaches around this part of Spain are all black shingled and not the most tropical looking, although there is the benefit of not collecting sand in your nooks and crannies;) having been almost drowned and burnt to a crisp for a few consecutive days the crew decided to take the monster into the sierra Nevada

The cheeky Julian had told us we could rent a cabin in the mountains in a small hippie colonised village called Orgiva (dubbed something entirely different and not too imaginative after a few beers...) Of course we all had romantic pictures of log cabins and scantily clad serving men bending to our every whim as we lazed by a shimmering blue pool in the middle of monumental mountains, what we got, was not all to far off although the cabin smelt of damp and was made from some corrugated grey metal building material and the scantily clad serving men materialised as cross eyed spanish builders peering over the fence at us as we, well this bit was good, as we lazed by a shimmering blue pool in the middle of (well semi-monumentous) mountains. It was really beautiful and boy what a view!

Although the first day we got there it thundered and lightening-d like never before, we thought we'd left the sol on the costa del sol! but once it cleared the weather was fabulous!

We got ourselves to the local supermarket and stocked up on beers and food and cooking up a storm we played cards on our balcony until we ran out of alcohol and wandered up to the bar on the campsite. Unfortunately our assumption that the Spainish don't turn up anywhere until about 12 and thats when things get going, led us to fall flat on this occassion as the barman informed us (in espanhol ;p ) that they were shut, fortunately in my own rubbish espanhol I managed to inform him back that we wanted some cervezas he let us take them away and we wiled away the small hours with poker, I had just taught the others the joys of texas hold em, I have discovered that many girls (myself excluded of course :) ) find it difficult to grasp the concept of bluff betting and bluffing at all...which made the game a strange one but they got it in the end and I won myself a tidy pile of...matchsticks :)

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Arriving in the sun


sunny 39 °C

I had no preconceptions of Spain, Ive always wanted to go to Seville because of Arturo Perezs the seville communion that paints the most atmospheric winding town of Seville, but that wasn't the destination,

I was in Granada at the last minute because of Hannah my best friends latest love trauma, all I can say is THANKS to her ex cos we all had a wild time!

The first stop was the Alhambra palace one word, breathtaking
I've been to the Taj Mahal and although I hate to compare this was far and beyond...

The moorish palace was built in the 1300/1400's (don't quote me!) and is composed of the most beautiful winding courtyards and fabulously and meticulously well kept gardens.
Each door way and arch is fantastically carved and plastered with intricate islamic and moorish patterns.
It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and tears prickled my eyes, what a beautiful place.

Me and my friends dubbed this the good luck holiday because we just seemed to land on our feet wherever we went although it might have had something to do with our unknockable optimistic outlook!

From Granada we rented a car and here's where our luck started, for the same price we were supposed to be getting a three door no air con rubbish Opal we were upgraded, for no reason! to a huuuuge 5 door full air con monster! what a treat!

So we set off to the coast and here would begin my gentle directioning and persuading away from the Costa del sol :p errrr!!!

we arrived at a small town in Nerja where we wandered around for a little to try and find a hostel (my print offs from the internet had been spurned!) but once we realised it would take a while we decided to try this one hostel I had found on the web and here we go again, landed on our feet! 10 min from the beach this cool little hostel with bar playing wicked music owned by english (lovely lovely) Julian who promptly informed us it would be a bit of a squeeze but he could fit us in AND the weekend was a MASSIVE BEACH FESTIVAL, needless to say we had a shower and headed straight out and got swiftly hammered and headed to the beach, what a night!

There was music and fires and dancing on the beach and chilled out people and wow...what could follow this?


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